Heart and Home

Help Furnish a New Home for the Most Vulnerable

Babies First, a UMCH residential care program, is providing teen mothers in foster care a new place to call home.

With this new facility, opening by Fall 2020, we're excited to offer so much more to the young families placed into our care. We're building a 9,600 square foot residential home capable of housing up to ten moms and their babies.

So what can you do to help?

Purchase a Gift for our new home
Help teen moms.
Help teen moms.

Help Give Teen Moms Hope for the Future

Our staff facilitates meeting a variety of needs for those moms placed in UMCH's care. In addition to maintaining an organized and comfortable living environment, our caring staff helps moms keep up with their complex schedules, assists in conflict resolution, confronting the reality of their situation, making decisions on behalf of their child and educational advancement. It's a big undertaking, but the successes make it all worthwhile.

Help furnish our new home

We’ve provided some furniture items you can gift to our new Babies First Home. As you help provide the comfort of a loving home, we’ll send you a walk-through video of what the home looks like after its furnished.

The photos provided within this registry are meant to be representative and do not depict an exact representation of what each furniture item will look like. Interior designers contracted to furnish the home will work over the coming months to finalize furniture selections. Please consider helping us bring this home to life for the benefit of vulnerable teen mothers and their babies.

Render Render Render
Baby Mobile

Baby Mobile (Bedroom)

Suggested gift: $35

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Place Setting

Place Setting (Dining room)

Suggested gift: $50

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Nursery Rocker

Nursery Rocker (Nursery)

Suggested gift: $105

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Dining Room Chair

Dining Room Chair (Dining room)

Suggested gift: $160

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Side Table

Side Table (Living Area)

Suggested gift: $250

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Baby Bed

Baby Bed (Bedroom)

Suggested gift: $360

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Changing Table

Changing Table (Nursery)

Suggested gift: $410

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Mothers Bed

Mother's Bed (Bedroom)

Suggested gift: $640

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Textile Rug

Textile Rug (Living Area)

Suggested gift: $820

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Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table (Dining Room)

Suggested gift: $1,050

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Fabric Sofa

Fabric Sofa (Living Area)

Suggested gift: $1,350

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How Your Gift Will Be Used

Items shown on this webpage are for the sole purpose of illustrating goods used in the Babies First construction project. All contributions designated for this project will be applied to it, and a small portion may be used for administering the gifts. If we receive more contributions for a given gift item than can wisely be applied to that specific item, we will use those funds to meet a similar furnishing need. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that the United Methodist Children’s Home has complete control over the use of all donated funds.